KOMELY HANDBAG ADULT CRAFT CLASSES –Sewing instructions Of Denim Tote

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Of Denim Tote

Prouction of a Denim Bag in Handbag and Shoulder Bag factory in china

are in a very low price ranges, they can only adopted a lower quality


We bought a Latest fashion designed Denim from market, let us make your

Special Denim Tote for yourself now.

1)       Fuse lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the lining fabric pieces for the bag, the outer pocket, and the fabric for the inside pocket.

2)      Sew the outer and lining fabrics of the outer pocket right side out with the zipper inserted between (A).

3)      Sew the remaining free side of zipper onto one of the outer bag fabrics, as show (B).  Fold the pocket edge onto the bag fabric (C).

4)      Sew together the outer bag and outer pocket fabrics from one side to another across the bottom (C).

5)      Make the inside pocket and sew onto one of the lining bag fabrics right side in from one side to another across the bottom.

6)      Insert the lining bag into the outer bag and sew the top (D).

7)      Insert the grommets are shown in photo.

8)      Sew the handles, pass them through the swivel hooks (E), and set the rivets.


Workers of a Ladies handbag factory in China, they will working with

The working procedure step by step, thus, they are setting the Decoration

on to the Front panel in the first step of the production.

Worker of the China Genuine Leather Handbag Factory are setting  

the decoration in the last step of the production.

The Denim Tote is finish now, you can setting the decoration outside of the bag as you like.

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