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Most nations incline toward bringing in merchandise from China, particularly calfskin items like handbags. 

Taking everything into account, Guangzhou is China's greatest market for handbag items and the uncontested pioneer of the worldwide handbag area, where many handbag factories can be found. 

Cruising around there, Guangdong Province is the principle leather things manufacturing center just as the greatest market for bag related items from China that business visionaries from around the globe can import. 

Shiling produces handbag items for Chinese and worldwide business sectors of low and mid-range quality. The neighborhood business pioneers are continually improving their activity to make very good quality leather purses that they can trade with. 

Aside from leather handbags, there are other bag items that you can import from China and sell in your store. Here they are:

Women handbag

Ladies handbags from China are useful and stylish that individuals can use for work. Different kinds of handbag materials are the good bag for ladies. The simplicity, usefulness and contemporary style are continually raving.

Fashion handbag

You can track down the most in vogue handbags from Chinese factories. Consider bringing in from solid Chinese providers in case you're searching for popular bags that your clients will adore.

Leather Bag

Leather handbags from China are one of the marketplace's most functional purse fabrics. A leather messenger bag is comfortable, durable, and can last a long time. Leather bags from China look classy and can help your customers keep their stuff organized.

PU Handbag

PU calfskin handbags from China are made of polyurethane froth and show versatility. They are solid and simple to wash. Additionally, PU calfskin or phony cowhide is a lot less expensive than genuine or true leather, and they likewise have huge interest in the style business today.

Tote Bag

Regardless of whether on material, calfskin or other material, China-made handbag prevalence gives no indications of melting away. The handbag is the ideal advantageous embellishment as it is adaptable in plan and solace. By offering roominess, worth, and accommodation, it incorporates the smartest possible solution.

Casual Bag

There are a lot of common handbags from China that strikes a balance between the advanced and the work of art and they are superb pieces that your clients will need to utilize each and every day. Such common handbags work out in a good way for practically any outfit.

Rivet handbag

Bolt handbags from China are smaller and lightweight, compact sacks consolidating uptown refinement with metropolitan solace. It is made of smooth cowhide and can be bought economically from many Chinese makers without trading off the quality.

Striped handbag

Striped handbags from China are adaptable, immortal, and stylish. Individuals can't resist the urge to return time and consistently to this dearest design. You can track down the most recent striped handbags and wallet plans offered by many Chinese makers.

Letter handbag

Chinese letter bags are fashionable handbags that will look good on your customers. If you want to import handbags, China has many bag manufacturing hubs, each of which has its very distinguishing features and skills or expertise. You can also have a personalized letter handbags designed for you.

Flower handbag

China offers floral bags in a variety of styles. There are few prints as ephemeral as floral in summer fashion. Not only does the design add a touch of effortlessness, but it also looks fantastic with some clothing and accessories such as denim jackets, flip-flops, and so forth.

Waterproof Handbag

With waterproof handbags from China, your customers can keep their outdoor gear and clothing safe from being wet. Your customers will love this handbag as it gives them the ability to protect their valuables from any leakage of water and have peace-of-mind. 

Zipper handbag

For many purposes, a handbag customer buys zippered handbags to keep their personal items within the bag protected. They also play a key role in a bag's design and style. You can ask your handbag supplier from China to add quality zippers in your items to add value to the product.

Lock handbag

You can check out China’s handbag lock selection for the best in exclusive or customized crafted sewing & fabric shops pieces A great travel purse's most notable feature is that it should be able to keep your valuables secured at all times.

Shell Handbag

Get the best deal for Women's Shell Handbag if you buy from Chinese distributors or from or Aliexpress's—the largest online marketplace for Chinese goods. There's nothing more bliss-inducing than a shell handbag. A natural extension of last summer's shell accessory trend, it offers a sense of nostalgia.

Round handbag

Invest in one of the must-have accessories of all time—the round handbag. These round handbags from China puts the fun in functional. The most fashionable dressers of today will want to get their hands on this fashionable item.

Bucket handbag

You can import bucket bags from China with an aesthetically-pleasing minimalist design. You're bound to find the perfect bucket bag that fits every style when you search for Chinese handbag suppliers online.

Travel handbag

Anyone who has traveled a fair amount knows the value of a good tote. Travel handbags from China are the perfect carry-all for your customer’s essentials. Your female customers will look for versatility, durability, roominess, and less bulky travel bag so make sure to find something just like that. 

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